Solar Energy Facts

Find Out The Latest Facts About Solar Energy

Advantages of Solar Energy

There are a number of advantages of solar energy. Probably the biggest advantage is the fact that solar energy is limitless. Unlike every other commodity, it doesn’t matter how much we use, there will always be more. That’s at least the case for the next several thousand lifetimes.

Another advantage of solar energy is the fact that it is clean energy. Many forms of energy that we use today cause pollution and damage our environment in one way or another. When heating or lighting our homes that is especially true. That’s particularly true when it comes to the use of modern day vehicles. Pollution is released as a byproduct of many commercial businesses using conventional power sources. When solar energy is used, there is no harmful exhaust involved.

A huge advantage to solar energy is it provides cost effective solutions in places where there is no power grid. There are some areas in the world that it would be cost prohibitive to put in power lines from the main grid.

Solar cells don’t put any pollutants into the air and create no noise pollution. They are totally, 100% free of pollution and cause no environmental challenges. This is not even true of wind power, which can kill birds as they fly into the turbines.

Solar panels have no moving parts and therefore require very little maintenance. They also have a long lifetime. They are much more reliable than other renewable sources such as wind and water, which require turbines, which are noisy, expensive, and often break down.

For rooftop systems, as demand increases, more cells can easily be added to homes or businesses.

Photovoltaic panels offer another benefit or advantage. What I like is to go outside on a hot day and see my power meter running backwards. That means money saved, which equates to money made. If your power bill normally runs $300 per month, and you don’t have a power bill, that means you not only didn’t pay the $300 on utilities. It means you didn’t have to earn $400 before taxes to pay that bill. So in reality, you saved $400 of your hard earned income. Click here to find out how to take advantage of this savings without having to spend a lot of money.

Another advantage of solar energy is that when you go to sell your home or business, your solar system adds to the worth of your property. A few years ago we had our home appraised, wanting to draw some equity out for some projects. The house appraised for an additional $30,000. What a selling point when you want to sell and move into another home. Not only is there no electric bill, but you have an income source without having to pay Uncle Sam. Now that’s a double mint moment.

For a business, this is an appealing approach to not only cutting down on overhead, but in generating additional cash flow. After your investment is paid off, the electricity equates to pure cash.

One last advantage when it comes to owning your own residential solar system or system for your business. At an average, power bills go up at least 6% per year. That means that your profit increases by 6% each year after paying for home solar power systems. One great advantage solar energy has over wind energy is that the average business owner has a place to put solar but not too many can locate a convenient or legal place to put a windmill. Plus, the solar panels blend into the roof and aren’t an ugly eyesore.

Say that you want to generate even more solar electricity than you use. What happens then? It used to be that you just lost the extra power. Now, the utility company has to pay you back for the extra energy you feed back into the grid. Yes, any production you have over what you use is automatically fed into the grid. Find out how to get paid by the electric company without investing much money.

One of the greatest advantages of solar energy is that the panels are extremely reliable. As a result, you won’t have to replace any moving parts, since they don’t have any. Most systems come with a twenty year warranty, meaning if there are any problems, they will be taken care of. There are both advantages and disadvantages of solar energy, although the advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages.