Solar Energy Facts

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Outdoor Solar Lights

Solar Lights Are Inexpensive

Due to mass production, solar lights are relatively inexpensive. You can now light up your light without paying an arm and a leg. It's amazing how much the price has come down. Many pathway lights sell for less than four dollars each. The higher quality ones are even less than ten dollars each. Check out the wide variety of lights that are actually very cheap.

The Advantages of Solar Outdoor Lighting

What I love about outdoor solar lights, is not having to run extension cords, or low voltage wiring all over the yard. I remember the days when the low voltage wires would get chewed up by a dog, or connections would corrode with wet weather. Troubleshooting where the problem was wasn’t a lot of fun, and was quite time consuming. Those days are finally over!  Installing these solar lights is a breeze. I like to think of it like using a fancy digital camera, where all you do is point and click. You don’t have to dig any trenches. Basically, all you do is decide where the lights will look the best and shove the base into the ground. If you don’t like where they are, just pull them up and move them. What a life! Solar outdoor lights charge a small battery during the sunny hours of the day, and glow brightly all night long. Full sun isn’t even needed. What is best of all is you don’t have to run up your electrical bill to accomplish all of this. If for some reason a light stops working, just replace it. What’s an investment of a few bucks when it comes to a home project? Your time is worth more than that.

An Abundance of Lights to Choose From

Check out the abundance of solar lights that are available to you. It will amaze you when you see the vast variety of solar lights for the outdoor environment. Some of my favorites are butterflies, dragonflies, and hummingbirds. What is so beautiful about these colorful lights is they blink on and off and change colors. What a way to decorate your back yard.  They can also light up the yard at night, to keep intruders out of the yard. They also add so much beauty to a flower bed or garden area.

You can even purchase motion detection lights that are solar powered.  Have you ever tried to hook up motion detector lights when there is no electrical box nearby? Good luck! Now you can do it without running any wires at all. Wow! What used to take hours to accomplish, crawling around in a hot attic, you can accomplish in a matter of minutes. And may I say, without any misery? No wires needed. Yes! Plus, if you didn’t want to do the project yourself before, you would drop at least a couple bills having an electrician complete the work. With solar motion detectors, you can have them installed in a few short minutes.

There are SOOOOOOO many other solar outdoor lights to enhance your home and yard. There are solar hanging lights, and even solar pool lights. These lights can even float in the pool or in a pond. What a beautiful reflection off the water. Then there are flood lights to enhance or accent that special tree or address sign in the front yard. Again, no need to run all of those low voltage wires. Solar lanterns are so beautiful, especially during Thanksgiving or Christmas time.  If you like, you can install a solar street light. I remember when we put in our front street light. What a job that was. And if you install one after your yard is established, it is a major project. Not any longer. Just pour your base and attach the light. The rest is history. Where were these solar lights twenty years ago?

Solar Lights For All Occasions

Who needs to wait for a special occasion anymore to decorate with these beautiful solar lights? But, if you do have a special occasion, those special lights can be purchased and moved around to accent the area of your yard that you want to feature. These lights are excellent when celebrating a birthday, anniversary, and evening company dinner, a Christmas party, or any other imaginable event. Decorating is so easy and quick.

As the big holidays come around, solar lights can create that perfect affect, regardless of the occasion. Rather than stringing so many extension cords during the Christmas season, make it simple. You can still hang the ice cycles along the eves of your roof, but now they are solar. Or if you prefer, there are solar snowflakes. Try some animated solar animals in the front yard. Or maybe you would like a solar wreath on your front door. What I used to dread about Christmas lights was the added electric bill. Now that doesn’t need to increase at all.  Just put the lights in place and turn on the switch. The sun does the rest. I would guess you are going to be the talk of your neighborhood. Wow, you need to get started!

Solar Lights For All Areas

Solar lights can go just about anywhere you can imagine. And you don’t need full sun to charge the solar batteries. Place the solar lights along your walkway, throughout your garden or in flower beds around your house. With such variety in color, these solar lights add such splendor to a yard that used to be humdrum. Solar deck lights can be used to brighten the steps or line the decking. Bushes can be brightened up by the use of solar string lights. The whole yard springs forth with new character with landscaping solar lights. A solar flood light can be used to light up your American flag.

A wonderful romantic atmosphere can be created for your significant other by stringing some gazebo solar lights as you spend that special time together in your spa. The only limitation with outdoor solar lights is your imagination. Now that you are aware of these amazing solar lights, it's time to get busy. You'll be so glad that you did!